Artist Statement

“As a mature student of the world my
Art’s practice is heavily influenced
By my life’s experiences –

my passion for ballet, dance literature and
The rich embroidery of living – existing


I don’t see it so much as confessional art but more as
what it is – is what it is


To imagine that which we already know...


I enjoy the relationship between text and image.
The combining of eloquence
and creative process with language
French, Latin, Chinese...


I work much as I did as a choreographer/dancer –
Music is intrinsic to my creative process –
repetition of sound
And movement.
music must inspire my process
much like rehearsing a dance/triplet/motif
dance phrases from the past recreated through the
process of sculpting, screenprinting or even photography


A notation of mark-making both literal and figurative

How we are now is how we wish we were then”

photo of sonia dancing in red point shoes next to sculpture of bust